Social Media Guide

This guide is for Humboldt employees and student-employees who have a role in coordinating social media on behalf of units at Cal Poly Humboldt. If you post to Humboldt-affiliated accounts, or supervise someone who does, this likely affects you. 

These guidelines and best practices are meant to help you use social media effectively and responsibly by:

  • Complying with law and policy
  • Promoting your club/major/department (which also promotes Humboldt!)
  • Being consistent with Cal Poly Humboldt guidelines

If you or someone you supervise is creating public video content for Humboldt, we encourage you to contact Marcom ahead of time. Not only can we help you maximize its effectiveness, but we can help you navigate legal and policy barricades.

This is a dynamic guide which Marcom edits as trends change. If you have questions about your area’s social media, you may contact Marketing & Communications at (707) 826-5565 or

Before Launching a Channel

Answering a few questions will help streamline your process and help you decide what to post and what not to post.

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Compliance: 8 Things you need to know.

Running an Humboldt social media channel brings legal and professional responsibilities.

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Best Practices

You've got complicated subject matter. We can help guide you to effect communications practices, so feel free to set up an appointment.

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DIY Video Tips

These informal tips are to empower students, faculty, and staff creating DIY promotional video content for distribution on Humboldt-affiliated social media channels.

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